Canon Photo Recovery

Easy Way to Repair Corrupted CR2 Files

CR2 is a raw image file created by Canon digital camera. All of the popular Canon camera models including Canon EOS300d, Canon EOS350d, Canon EOS400d uses .cr2 file format to store uncompressed image data taken directly from the CCD sensor of the camera. Like any other digital camera , picture taken by Canon camera are stored in the memory card of the camera which often leads to data loss situation due to physical or logical damage.

To better understand the situation, just take a simple example that you have taken photos of your birthday party from your Canon EOS350d and after some times when you are actually trying to access CR2 photos, camera shows “memory card error”.

Many of the Canon users acquainted with such data loss due to reasons like unexpected system shutdown, improper pulling of the memory card, inaccessibility or corruption to the CR2 file due to virus infection, memory card formatting etc. Under such situation, if you try to open or access CR2 file, several error message displayed all of a sudden like “unrecognized file format”, “cannot open cr2 file”. To make CR2 file accessible, there is need to repair CR2 files using an efficient repair tool.

So now the question arises how to repair CR2 files? The best option is to take help of backup of data saved in memory card like image, audio and video. However, if the backup is not functional then reliable solution for you is to use third party CR2 file repair software. The professional tool is capable to retrieve lost, deleted, inaccessible or corrupted CR2 files from canon camera irrespective of the card used in it. The program uses advance algorithm to repair corrupted CR2 file and restore lost data.

The tool is not only capable to repair damaged Canon CR2 files but also supports other file formats like Sony(SR2), Nikon(NEF), Minolta(MRW), Olympus(ORF). The software is easy to use for novice users also and is compatible with Mac and Windows OS.