Canon Photo Recovery

How to Recover Lost CR2 Files from Canon Digital Camera

Digital cameras are widely used by people to store pictures and other multimedia files. If you talk about digital photography then Canon is one most popular choice among amateur and professional users. Whether it be Compact camera range (PowerShot) or digital SLR range (EOS) camera, Canon camera produces high quality image with better display. Like any digital camera, Canon camera save image in jpeg format however DSLR camera save image in CR2 and CRW format.

CR2 and CRW are raw image format that contain minimally processed data taken directly from the sensor of the camera. But it is highly possible that CR2 files become damaged, corrupted or inaccessible due to some logical or human errors. This situation is really painful for the Canon users and at that point there arises a need for how to recover lost cr2 files from Canon digital camera.

Common reasons of CR2 File loss from digital camera

  • Loss of raw image file due to accidentally pressing 'Delete All' button on the digital camera
  • Accidentally formatting the memory card on digital camera by using Format card option
  • Switching off the camera while transferring photos from camera to other storage device
  • Pulling out the memory card during read/write process
  • Virus infection, power surge, taking photos in low battery also lead to CR2 file loss

In all of the above situation instead of panic it is recommended to restore all lost data using backup files, In worst scenario, if backup files are inaccessible or malfunctioned then you should opt for power Canon camera recovery software to recover lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible CR2 files from Canon digital camera. The tool can easily and efficiently repair and recover Canon photo files like JPEG, CR2, CRW and also support recovery of raw files like Nikon (NEF), Olympus (ORF), Minolta (MRW) and Sony (SR2, SRW).

So just download and install the software and follow easy steps to recover CR2 files from Canon Digital Camera:

  • Launch software and select photo recovery options from main interface. Choose files that you want to recover
  • Select the memory card or logical drive of computer to start scanning process
  • After scanning you will get back all deleted files that can be saved at desired location